News Flash: Shelf Image's projects featured in Southwest Art Magazine!

We’re very proud to announce that not one, but TWO, of Shelf Image’s projects were featured in the prestigious Southwest Art Magazine.


Shelf Image Inc., has developed a unique reputation as the leader in shelving systems for unusual and challenging projects. No other company can match the comprehensive quality of our service and prices.


“Cost-efficient solutions that make the best use of space.”


customized cabinets and file systems

Whatever the need: file folders, box storage, archival material, secure storage, priceless artifacts, art, weapons, golf clubs, skis and boots, narcotics, medial files, etc., Shelf Image, Inc. and Montel have the right storage solution and the capability to design a custom system tailored to your clients’ needs and desires.

commercial storage systems

Shelf Image, Inc. and Montel are the industry leader is safe and easy to use electronic access systems, mechanical assist and manual systems of all types. Shelf Image can even provide your retail customers with a secure mobile shelving system that displays their most popular items and provides staff with ready access. Shelf Image Up-Front storage product is perfect for pharmacies or applications where staff needs to access items readily without losing valuable face-time with the customer.

Let our innovative staff get you the solutions you need today.

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    Why Montel? Simply put, here is why: 

    • 100% increase in agricultural storage capacity within same square footage
    • Save Space or Optimize Space with your actual square footage
    • The best mobile agricultural storage systems in the industry
    • Double your profits within the same square footage
    • Maximize cultivation storage in your facility
    • Save energy thereby save also money
    • Fast return on investment (ROI)

    Montel mobile racking systems are also the solution for all the greens and microgreens indoor cultivation industry.

    Montel has an international network of distribution, and realizations in more than 68 countries.

    Montel provides innovative indoor agriculture storage solutions, notably with the installation of LEDs lighting within the storage system to recreate natural production conditions. No more energy is wasted lighting empty aisles with Montel’s mobile racking solutions. Here is a project Shelf Image did for an urban hydroponic farm: