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Shelf Image, Inc. provides attractive shelving and storage cabinets of the highest quality, flexibility, and affordability. We can provide beautiful custom wood or laminate shelving, or our metal Smart Shelf, which was originally designed for museum applications. Some of the qualities that make Smart Shelf superior to standard 4-post shelving are

  • shelving on either side of a double-sided unit can be adjusted independently; -each shelf can be slid straight out for easy adjustment, unlike 4-post where to change a single shelf position everything above that shelf must be unloaded and each shelf tilted up to remove;
  • each shelf edge is rolled an extra turn to eliminate any possible rough edge that might damage your items or files;
  • Smart Shelf shelving posts are not ‘T’s and ’L’s where some of the shelf space is lost or items can get lost or stuck behind the ‘T’ or ‘L’;
  • Shelf reinforcements can be integrated into the shelf
  • Clip Option allows shelves to be hung without cumbersome shelf supports that require a mallet to install and deinstall, making changes to shelf heights and configurations easy, quick, and simple;

Smart Shelf shelving stores your files exactly as you need them; no wasted space, easy adjustment, and exact shelf heights on either side of each unit. We also offer a unique quality line of file cabinets, flat files, bookshelves, and furniture. With Shelf Image, Inc. you have one entity that provides all your relocation and storage needs, as well as furniture procurement, long or short term warehousing, and shipping. Shelf Image, Inc.’s expert staff will be through every step of your project; determining your needs, designing options, navigating licensing and code issues, shipping, logistics, installation and relocation as needed. With Shelf Image, Inc. you have a strategic partner with all the experience, knowledge and skills to make your project flow smoothly to completion.


Shelf Image, Inc. and Montel provide a unique storage system with the most up to date design, security, flexibility and functionality with their Multi-Flex Weapons Storage Cabinets. Our Weapons/Gun cabinets can be a free standing/stand alone structure, can be stacked, and Shelf Image, Inc. can also place on Montel’s Mobilex Mobile storage in order to maximize storage space.

Multi-Flex Weapons Storage is designed to provide safe and efficient storage for weapons providing the customer the opportunity to save a tremendous amount of time and effort.

  • 16 gauge steel bi-fold doors that fully recess within the interior of the cabinet allowing the user quick access to the weapons stored
  • 2 nickel plated handles with 3 point locking mechanism helps safely secure weapons
  • Independently adjustable shelves allow user to adjust height of shelf for various accessories being stored
  • Heavy-Duty side handles allow the system to be easily transported
  • Perforated Doors allow you to conduct inventories without opening the system
  • Welded, heavy gauge steel assembly provides ultimate durability even in the harshest conditions
  • Weapons may be easily transported inside the system

Shelf Image, Inc. and Montel have surpassed all competition in the area of weapons storage, continually improving design features. With Montel’s Mobilex Mobile system your weapons storage can be locked, all sizes of weapons can be stored together or segregated, we have uniquely designed pistol storage brackets. Whatever your need in weapons storage Shelf Image, Inc. and Montel has the solution.

With Shelf Image, Inc.’s and Montel’s Wired Mobile system ease of access and safety is maximized. Our unique online monitoring options allow Shelf Image, Inc. to monitor and diagnose any potential problems- often solving them through the utilization of Montel’s unique software upgrades, eliminating costly service calls. And in the event a Shelf Image, Inc. Certified Technician is needed many times we are contacting you because our online system has already notified us.

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