About Us

SHELF IMAGE, INC. was created to provide private businesses and public institutions turnkey solutions for all their information and materials management storage needs.

Our name came from a battle of wits twenty years ago when key members of our management team were installing library shelving. As we worked we kept the puns flying:

Don’t be so Shelfish;

Why are you so Shelf Centered;

We Build your Shelf Image. (Ask Pete about his Shelving Theory of Culture).

For the last twenty years our management staff has been focused on designing, providing, innovating, installing, and relocating information and materials storage management products.

No company in the Rocky Mountain Region has the depth and breadth of experience in all aspects of commercial storage products. Every Shelf Image salesperson, project manager, office staff, installation supervisor, and installer/mover strives to tailor your product and installation to your specific needs. Unlike our competitors all Shelf Image key staff has designed, installed, moved, repaired, shipped, stored and sold our products. Your Shelf Image salesperson will follow through with your project manager to insure that every detail of your product and project fulfills your specific needs.

The measure of Shelf Image, Inc.’s customer service is not when everything goes just as we expect but, how we perform under changing and adverse circumstances. Whatever you, the client’s, needs are, even when those needs suddenly change, Shelf Image, Inc. is committed to assisting you in achieving your goals. If you do not get the products and solutions you expect for the price you expect then neither you nor Shelf Image are satisfied.

Shelf Image, Inc. understands that shelving and storage are not your core business, that our products and services are a vehicle to make your business work more efficiently, and all our products, services and policies are designed to accomplish this.

So call Shelf Image, Inc. now at (800)-258-3965 and let our innovative staff get you the solutions you need today.