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Montel’s Smart Shelf offers the most flexible options and ease of use of any filing and storage product on the market. Shelf Image can offer the standard four-post and L & T shelving to match your existing systems. Or with Montel’s revolutionary Smart Shelf you can upgrade to a system that avoids the pitfalls of four-post and L & T shelving.

The Smart Shelf does not have to tilt up to be removed, thus avoiding having to off-load all the shelves of a section to adjust shelf heights. With Smart Shelf you will not lose space behind the intermediate upright as you do with standard business filing four-post and L & T shelving. Montel also offers on its Smart Shelf the option of using clips instead of riveted shelf supports, making changing the spacing of shelves even easier and requiring no tools.

Whether storing letter files, legal files, boxes, supplies, archival materials, parts, maps, medical files, X-rays, chemicals, art, artifacts- any specialty item you need to store- Shelf Image, Inc and Montel has the solution you need; File Shelving, High Density Storage Systems, Rotary Files, Cabinets, Wide Span Shelving, Pallet Racking, Locking Doors, drawers, trays, dust covers, electronic systems with state of art safety features including the revolutionary Safe-Aisle.

Shelf Image, Inc. will design, install and service your storage systems to the highest standards available anywhere. We can move your existing material, recycle outdated systems you no longer need, and convert your files to any new organizing system you prefer.

And Shelf Image, Inc. offers the most generous warranties available. Worry free storage. We know storage is not your core business, let Shelf Image, Inc. let you focus on what you do best.

Give Shelf Image, Inc. a call today. Our knowledgeable and experienced staff can off suggestions for any storage need you may have.

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