Library Shelving

Shelf Image, Inc.’s strategic partner LMC Solutions Designs, Space Plans and provides Montel’s Aetnastack cantilever library shelving. With two decades experience providing library shelving and space planning Chris offers the most comprehensive library shelving and design services in the Rocky Mountain Region. Call us at (800) 258-3965 for answers to any questions you may have concerning library shelving.

With Shelf Image, Inc.’s and Montel’s Wired Mobile system ease of access and safety is maximized. Our unique online monitoring options allow Shelf Image, Inc. to monitor and diagnose any potential problems- often solving them through the utilization of Montel’s unique software upgrades, eliminating costly service calls. And in the event a Shelf Image, Inc. Certified Technician is needed many times we are contacting you because our online system has already notified us.

Contact Shelf Image, Inc. today for a free needs analysis, free design services, specification preparation and budget estimates.