Shelf Image, Inc. provides design, consultation, procurement and installation services for Architects, Designers, Space Planners, General Contractors and anyone seeking advice and information and materials storage.

Shelf Image, Inc. takes your space and provides practical and cost efficient solutions that make the best use of space in relation to need, always anticipating the possibility of change, flexibility and expansion.

Shelf Image, Inc. can provide structural engineering services, floor load calculations, and storage volume capacities. Our experienced staff will tailor a storage system with the types of shelves, drawers, trays, flat files, doors, locks, heavy duty shelving, pallet racking, and cages that best serve your clients’ needs and protect their materials.

Whatever the need: file folders, box storage, archival material, secure storage, priceless artifacts, art, weapons, golf clubs, skis and boots, narcotics, medial files, etc., Shelf Image, Inc. and Montel have the right storage solution and the capability to design a custom system tailored to your clients’ needs and desires.

Shelf Image, Inc. and Montel are the industry leader is safe and easy to use electronic access systems, mechanical assist and manual systems of all types. Shelf Image can even provide your retail customers with a secure mobile shelving system that displays their most popular items and provides staff with ready access. Shelf Image Up-Front storage product is perfect for pharmacies or applications where staff need to access items readily without losing valuable face-time with the customer.

Sliding art racks perfect for galleries or clients’ with valuable art collections are a specialty of Shelf Image, Inc. and Montel. Peter and his wife artist Peggy McGivern owned an art gallery for nine years, have an extensive are collection of their own and Montel has been the leading designer of art and museum storage products for eighty-five years.

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