History Colorado Center- with its strategic partner Montel, Inc., Shelf Image, Inc. has designed and is installing a series of high density shelving of varied configurations each specifically designed to store and protect the museum’s valuable archives and artifacts. Each type of item is being stored in the shelf, drawer, tray, cabinet, or rack that will protect and preserve that item. Montel Inc., has been the industry leader in museum storage and management products for over 75 years.

Wyoming Combined Labs- Five electronic mobile systems in four rooms: Evidence Storage, Narcotics Storage, Criminal Records Storage, and Firearms and Ammo Storage,

Great Sand Dunes National Monument- Providing expansion to existing high density system in accordance with GSA pricing.

Newfield Energy- Provided and installed multiple large high density file systems over the years as this growing energy company expands. We also provide all their moving and reconfiguration services

Los Alamos National Laboratory- Upgrade electrical systems to provide the most efficient and safe cutting edge technology. With Shelf Image, Inc and Montel’s continually updated technical capabilities we can now monitor and diagnose problems online before they cause any issues or downtime for your system. Often we can solve any issues online- you won’t even know about it. Or if a part or service technician is needed we will call you and be there before you even know there’s an issue.

Shelf Image provides service and preventive maintenance on all types of shelving and furniture for many companies and government entities, from El Paso County to Toyota to Auraria Campus at rates a fraction of what most dealers charge, with fully certified technicians.

Strategic Partners- these are companies Shelf Image does work for on an ongoing basis

Chris Klafehn- LMC Solutions-
Larry Padilla- Auraria Higher Education Center-
Taryn Speakman- Newfield Energy-
Dave Mugge- Mesa Systems-
Kevin Janisko- Montel, Inc.-
Lisa Vanderheyden- Jefferson County Libraries-