Wired and Electronic Shelving

Your High-density powered mobile storage system will prove itself day after day. In superior performance, innovation, quality, design, components and installation. You will measure it in superior durability and trouble-free maintenance, enhanced by the many special features that make our systems so pleasant to use for now and decades to come.

Of all the powered mobile storage systems on the market, SafeAisle stands in a class of its own. This pioneering system with a proven design is constantly evolving with you. Our state-of-the-art options permit reconfigurations and future upgrades for tomorrow’s evolving workplace and storage needs. SafeAisle equals maximum productivity and adaptability.

Get more storage space, comply with fire code clearance and get the cleanest aeshetics with the unique PowerTrack™ that eliminates dangling scissor arms.

SafeAisle offers endless storage solutions and accommodates several Montel shelving systems: 4-Post (SmartShelf), Cantilever (Aetnastak), Case-Type (Cabinet Style) and semi-industrial Long Span Shelving (4D Wide Span). Any type of storage can be mounted on SafeAisle carriages, or simply add your own existing shelving and cabinets.

Shelf Image, Inc., and Montel offer a wide variety of accessories such as reference shelves, multimedia drawers, sliding shelves, trays, specialized drawers and much more.

The result is a greater storage capacity in less floor space versus conventional filing and stationary shelving systems.

Your storage needs are unique.

So Shelf Image, Inc.’s storage solutions are unique.