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Shelf Image and Montel’s Smart Shelf has been specifically designed for museum applications. Some of the qualities that make Smart Shelf superior to standard 4-post shelving are:

  • shelving on either side of a double sided unit can be adjusted independently;
  • each shelf can be slid straight out for easy adjustment, unlike 4-post where to change a single shelf position everything above that shelf must be unloaded and each shelf tilted up to remove;
  • each shelf edge is rolled an extra turn to eliminate any possible rough edge that might damage your items or files;
  • Smart Shelf shelving posts are not ‘T’s and ’L’s where some of the shelf space is lost or items can get lost or stuck behind the ‘T’ or ‘L’;
  • Shelf reinforcements can be integrated into the shelf
  • Clip Option allows shelves to be hung without cumbersome shelf supports that require a mallet to install and deinstall, making changes to shelf heights and configurations easy, quick, and simple;

Smart Shelf shelving stores your files exactly as you need them; no wasted space, easy adjustment, and exact shelf heights on either side of each unit Shelf Image, Inc. will work with your museum and archive staff to make sure each item in your collection is housed in the shelf, drawer, tray or cabinet best suited to its preservation.

Shelf Image, Inc and Montel’s high density mobile shelving systems are engineered to minimize vibration and light. Riveted carriages for greater strength and gravity safety brakes are an example the superior engineering employed exclusive by Montel. Options such as locking aisles, full back panels, tambour doors, welded cabinets, and museum grade drawer slides are just a few of the quality products Shelf Image, Inc. employs to provide you the most reliable and cost efficient shelving and storage solutions.

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