Archives & Storage

Shelf Image provides comprehensive design, consultation, installation and relocation storage solutions for all of your Archival needs. We understand that your rare or fragile books, manuscripts, maps, artifacts, etc., require the proper shelf, cabinet, drawer, tray and secure locking mechanisms for that item or type of item.

Shelf Image’s experience and wide range of products are specifically designed for your Archival material and provide a safe environment for all your Archived items. Shelf Image’s and Montel’s shelving, carriages, drive mechanisms, trays, cabinets, etc., are all designed to minimize vibration, light exposure, accidental banging or scraping of you items and provide the smoothest operation and ease of use in the industry.

For example with the History Colorado Center we held a series of meetings with each department to make certain that each piece in their collection received the correct size and type of shelf, tray, drawer, closed or open upright, doors, dust covers and locking mechanisms to properly store, protect and provide ready access to each valuable item.

Shelf Image, Inc. and Montel exclusively offer Smart Shelf. Smart Shelf’s revolutionary design allows shelf heights to be independently adjusted on each side of a double sided range of shelving. Unlike our competitors four-post or L & T shelving the Smart Shelf allows the shelf to be removed without tilting one side of the shelf up, eliminating the need to remove the material on all the shelves above the one you need to adjust just to change a shelf height. And with Smart Shelf clips Shelf Image and Montel have eliminated the need for tools- no more noisy, damaging and dangerous banging of shelf supports. Shelf heights can be changed with no tools in a matter of seconds. Shelf Image, Inc.’s staff will design your shelves with the correct level of reinforcement for your application. Each shelf can be reinforced without shelf supports and reinforcements.

With Shelf Image, Inc. and Montel you can rest easy knowing that your Archived materials will be stored and protected in a manner that exceeds industry norms. At Shelf Image, Inc. and Montel we never settle for the industry minimum, we set the standard that other manufacturers and dealers struggle to live up to.