Shelf Image has been providing, installing, designing storage systems and relocating medical files, X-ray files, supplies and equipment for over twenty years.

Secure electronic, mechanical assist and manual high density systems; heavy duty and light duty filing systems; secure rotary files and cabinets, all designed and professionally installed to protect and store your health related files, X-rays, supplies and equipment.

All Shelf Image staff are HIPPA certified. Shelf Image has extensive experience with Hospitals, dental offices, and doctor’s offices of all kinds.

We have installed systems storing all of Kaiser Permanente’s medical files and X-rays; dismantled, reconfigured, moved and redesigned all of Kaiser’s branch offices and off-site storage facilities.

For years Shelf Image has provided Kaiser’s medical and X-ray file moving and equipment.

From Pueblo to Wyoming Labs Shelf Image is the leader in Healthcare filing and storage systems.